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David Gookey

Area of expertise

Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand

Direct Line

020 3598 2071

“I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." Susan Sontag

David's Biog

The list of places David wants to visit continues to grow despite the fact he’s been to almost 50 countries! It was this passion for travel that made him leave his successful career in the Civil Service and seek us out. We - and our clients – are now benefitting from David’s 10 years’ worth of knowledge of Southeast Asia, and Thailand in particular. He claims his passion for the country is down to the people and culture but, while this is partly true, we know that it’s mainly down to the irresistible food.

Myanmar (or Burma) is David’s newest discovery. It took just one visit for him to fall in love with the incredible scenery and friendly locals. A particular highlight for him was Bagan, and David’s now keen to take a hot air balloon trip in this area to see the thousands of amazing temples from above.

Finally, David is a self-confessed airline geek. He scans useful websites like SeatGuru to find the best deals for our clients, can advise on the best seats for you and there is very little he doesn't know about maximising your air miles!

If you’d like to know more about travel to Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand or Burma, contact David on 020 3598 2071.

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Most Memorable

Touring around the temples of Bagan is sensational and many are accessible by car and by bicycle. My favourite part was taking a horse and cart ride through the countryside and then enjoying a beautiful sunset overlooking hundreds of temples of all shapes and sizes.

Signature Itinerary

See something a bit different in Thailand, whether it is cruising down the Chao Praya river, enjoying the beautiful scenery in northern Thailand or savouring delicious food on a fabulous tour in Bangkok.

Top Tip

If you’re going somewhere a bit off the beaten path, with few other tourists, keep some photographs of where you live and your family on your camera. It’s a great way to make a connection, especially if there’s a bit of a language barrier!