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Philly Baines

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020 7924 7133

€œPeculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." - Kurt Vonnegut

Philly's Biog

As a child, Philly explored much of Europe with her tour operator parents. Her interest in more far flung regions of the world has blossomed since studying anthropology at university.

Philly lived for two summers in Kobe, Japan as an English teacher. While there, she developed a penchant for sushi and enjoyed dressing as a geisha in Kyoto. She has now visited Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka with Experience Travel Group and is looking forward to her next adventure. 

Philly is the content editor in the UK office. This means she helps with generating marketing material - from updating the website to creating digital guides to liaising with journalists. When she’s not working, Philly reads, looks at pictures of elephants and enjoys toasting a beautiful view with a gin and tonic.


Favourite Place

Luxury tents with stunning views, complete with a bar that plays George Benson.

Most Memorable

Finding the hidden story behind the facades of Colombo's colonial architecture was enthralling.

Signature Itinerary

Perfect combination of culture and relaxation.

Top Tip

Take postcards of your hometown to give to locals you befriend when travelling. They a€™re personal, inexpensive and easy to transport.