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2011 Kandy Perahera Dates Announced Early!

by Tom Armstrong
Kandy Perahera

Kandy Perahera

In a highly unusual step, the dates for the majestic Kandy Perahera festival in 2011 have been announced early. 2011’s festivities will kick off on August 4th and finishes with the grand day procession on August 14th.

The Perahera is one of the highlight’s of the year in Sri Lanka, drawing crowds from across the country and beyond. You can read a more detailed account of the Kandy Perahera, one of Asia’s most colourful and iconic festivals, in our earlier blog post.

With the recent surge in interest holidays in Sri Lanka, hotels for the festival period are already getting booked up. Contact us about planning a visit to the festival to coincide with your tailor-made Sri Lanka tour.
The dates of the different peraheras are as follows:
Aug 4th to 07th – Kumbal Perahera
Aug 8th – Final Day – Kumbal Perahera
Aug 09th to 12th – Aug Randholle Perahera
Aug 13th – Final Day – Randholee Perahera
Aug 14th – Day Perahara

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