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5 Handpicked: Romantic Destinations in Southeast Asia

by Becky Grainger

With Valentine’s Day having just passed, and love in the air, I thought I would take a moment to explore some of the most romantic and exciting destinations South East Asia has to offer to couples. Whether to celebrate a special anniversary, a honeymoon, or new flame you will be sure to find a holiday below which will ignite your passion. From clear, crystal waters, to breathtaking scenery, to exotic adventures South East Asia really does have something for every couple…

5) Borneo- For the Nature Loving Couple

Orangutans in the rainforest
Lankayan Island, Borneo
Beach life in Borneo

The third largest island in the world, Borneo is covered in exotic virgin rainforest, hugged by undeveloped, pristine beaches, and is teaming with an abundance of wildlife. It truly is a lush pocket of paradise where nature and indigenous culture remain untouched and plentiful.

If wildlife is what gets your juices flowing you will be blown away by the vast array of endangered and iconic animals found on this island. Sumatran Rhinoceros, Pygmy Elephants, Proboscis Monkeys, Clouded Leopard, and of course the famous Orang-utan are among the many species that inhabit Borneo’s verdant forests and highlands.

Borneo also has much more to offer than wildlife alone: Sarawak’s indigenous tribes, Mount Kinabalu intrepid treks and idyllic islands and beaches surrounding Kota Kinabalu are all well worth a visit. So if you and your partner’s perfect holiday includes spotting exotic wildlife, trekking through mystical jungle and exploring the local villages, look no further than this spectacular island.

For inspiration about a holiday to Borneo visit our website or give one of our experts a call.

4) Maldives- For the Beach Loving Couple

Anantara Dhigu
Beach life in the Maldives
Filitheyo Island Resort
Filitheyo Island Resort
The Spa at the Shangri La

Made up of thousands of tiny islands and atolls scattered across the turquoise Indian Ocean the Maldives is like no other country you will ever go to: put simply, it is the epitome of a tropical beach paradise.

Sun, sea and sand are what the Maldives are all about, so it is perfect for couples looking to completely unwind, relax and do very little but enjoy each other’s company. From large all inclusive resorts, where you do not have to worry about spending a penny, to smaller more intimate resorts which offer desert island luxury, the Maldives really does caters for everyone. With fantastic spas, amazing marine life, and some of the most luxurious hotels available it is no wonder why the Maldives is such a popular destination for a romantic escape.

Arguably there are very few memories that would beat the romance of watching the sun go down over never ending Indian Ocean, whilst you and your partner enjoy a glass of bubbly your personal butler served you in your private Jacuzzi water villa.


3) Vietnam- The Culture Loving Couple.

Whale Island
Lantern lit streets of Hoi An
Canals in Vietnam
Fish Prayer Festival

With the French colonial romance of Hanoi, lantern lit lanes of Hoi An, and the street food of Saigon, Vietnam is the perfect destination for culture junkies.

Vietnam’s charm really does lie in its diversity, as each region has its own identity, history and culture for travellers to discover. The paddy fields and tribal life of the North, the sophisticated cafe culture in the Old French Quarter in Hanoi, and the bustling metropolitan of Saigon are but a few of these ‘sub-cultures’ nestled all around the country. Vietnam is an amazing place of contradictions, where a tranquil by-gone era clashes, and yet at the same time compliments, the chaotic madness of modern Vietnam.

Whether you fancy spicing up your holiday with a street food tour or Hanoi, setting your heart racing with a guided vespa tour of Saigon, or enjoying the sunset in a traditional junk boat in Halong Bay- for couples looking diversity, adventure and to mix it up, Vietnam is the place for you!
2) Indonesia- The Scenery Loving Couple.

Sunset in Bali
Kura Jura

Another country made up of thousands of different islands (over 17,000 to be precise), you will be hard pressed to beat the stunning scenery Indonesia has to offer, scenery which will provide some of the most incredible and romantic backdrops to any holiday you have ever been on.

Bali’s lush paddy fields, rolling clear beaches and atmospheric rural highlands are but a drop in the ocean in what Indonesia scenery has to offer. For a photo album everyone is jealous off make sure to explore the incredible volcanoes of Java, the tribal highlands of Sulawesi, and the azure waters of Lombok. You will never cease to be amazed that every place you go looks as if it has fallen straight out of a postcard. It really is hard not to be swept up by the natural beauty and romance of this island nation.
If Indonesia sounds like your ideal of the perfect couple’s holiday, give us a ring and we would be happy to make this dream a reality.
1) Sri Lanka- The All Rounder Couple.

Botanical Gardens, Sri Lanka
Southern Beach, Sri Lanka
Kandy Dancers
Elephants at Uda Walawe

In my opinion no other destination manages to parcel up all of the qualities mentioned above better than Sri Lanka, and that is why I have placed it as number one on my list. Sri Lanka truly is one of the most amazingly beautiful and diverse islands on this planet.

I may be pretty biased, but I really do believe that you would be incredibly hard pushed to find another country that provides such a wonderful a combination of romance, experiences and adventures than Sri Lanka. It is pretty extraordinary that such small island (it is only about the size of Ireland) can have such a variety of cultural gems, exotic wildlife, epic scenery and beautiful beaches. It really does tick all the boxes!
For wildlife lovers you can spot leopards in Wilpattu National Park or elephants in Minneriya: for beach lovers you can relax in style on near the bustling town of Galle or the sleepy town of Trincomalee: for culture junkies you can explore the ancient capitol city of Polonaruwa and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy: and finally for scenery addicts take the train through the rolling tea plantations or climb Sigirya rock fortress to gaze take in the rural dry zone below.

With something for everyone, an amazing array of hotels, great food and some of the friendliest people you have ever met, Sri Lanka really would be the perfect destination for any couple.

If you fancy exploring any of the above countries with your loved one please give us a ring on 0207 924 7133, or drop me an email at [email protected]

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