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Is travelling in Vietnam safe?

by Lauren

Vietnam is a beguiling country with delicious food, stunning natural landscapes and an intriguing culture. It can still seem like an unknown quantity which is why we wanted to share our expert knowledge about staying safe whilst travelling. 

Ngoc Son Temple park in Hanoi, Vietnam

Ngoc Son Temple park in Hanoi, Vietnam

Emerging from a dark modern history, Vietnam is one of the most intriguing and attractive travel destinations of the 21st Century. However, questions still remain over how safe it is for visitors and so here I hope to share my knowledge to help you prepare for your holiday.

Special security: there is a low risk of terrorism according to the FCO.

Society: Just under 8 million people visited Vietnam in 2015 and the vast majority of these travels were trouble free. There are however a few things you do need to know about the society before travelling for a smooth trip. Firstly it’s a necessity to carry photo ID with you at all times so do keep your passport on your persons.

Do take care of your personal belongings and don’t advertise valuables. There is a risk of price hiking in taxis or hotels (this is when the benefits of your own Experience Travel Group driver come to the fore because all this will have been prepaid so there’s no need to worry about paying again). If you do decide to jump in a private taxi, make sure you agree on the price before entering. The same goes for booking a hotel independently, but again the benefit of booking with Experience Travel Group is that this is all organised and you will not face any issues if you book accommodation and transport with us.

It is also important to note that the concept of road safety isn’t quite what it is in the West. Try to make sure you book transfers with a vetted driver – another benefit of booking with Experience Travel Group as we only use trained drivers.



Colonial building in Hanoi

Nature: There are some seasonal risks of bad weather in coastal areas, which usually occurs between May and November. Our in-country offices are available 24 hours a day for any support you may need should such an emergency arise. We also have a 24-hour support line in the UK for any assistance.

Health: Make sure you consult a medical professional six weeks before travel. Check that you are up to date with all vaccinations expected in the UK.

Whilst in country do make sure that you are cautious when trying streetfood. Our ETG specialist guides know where it is safe to eat – an added benefit to travelling with us. Do take strong insect repellent, whilst Dengue is uncommon in Vietnam it can occur from insect bites.

General safety tips: 

1. Keep hold of your valuables. The best way to make sure nothing important is stolen is to keep it on your persons. In terms of petty theft, Vietnam is no different to the UK or America, don’t leave possessions in your hotel without being locked up in a safe.

2. Choose your day bag wisely. Try and use a day bag with thick straps if you have lots of things to carry. If you can use an invisible pouch this is also a good option.

3. Cross the road slow and steady. The busy streets may seem daunting but keep to the same stable pace and you’ll be fine.

4. Don’t take haggling too seriously. Getting the right price for an item is great fun in and of itself but don’t worry too much about buying if you don’t feel like it. Just smile and end the exchange when you like.



Pho in Hanoi

Whilst talking about travel precautions can be a more serious affair, it’s a very important step before planning your incredible holiday to Indonesia. For some fun and light hearted inspiration, please see some of my favourite itineraries:

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For more information about options do contact me on 020 3627 6972. I’m happy to chat at any stage of your planning process and there are no obligations whatsoever. If emailing is easier for you, do contact in writing here.

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