Myanmar tipping guidelines

Having only opened up to tourists relatively recently, there’s a nascent culture of tipping in Myanmar. We’d encourage tipping for particularly good service; wages are low so they’ll certainly be appreciated. That being said, do only tip on a merit basis and don’t feel obliged to do it. Here are our guidelines for tipping in Myanmar.


Travel expert David (looking like a mobster from the Italian job in those sunglasses!) with his wonderful guide (LH) and driver (RH)

Per group travelling (couples or families) –


For a good job, we’d suggest tipping $7-10 per day which equates to 10,000 kyat (the Burmese currency).


For top service, we’d suggest giving 2/3rds of that given to the guide accompanying you, so $3-5 per day or 6,000 kyat. Of course this depends on how much he/she’s driving you around.


You can tip porters and maids as you wish. An odd dollar here or there is fine, although the practice is only really common higher-end hotels or resorts.


You don’t really need to tip in restaurants. If you feel the service was particularly good, 10% of the bill is a recommended guideline.

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