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Tipping in Cambodia

by Holly Newing

Tipping is very much a western import and some guides may say it’s not customary. That being said it’s an important form of secondary income for Cambodians and does incentivises good service. Here, we share on our thoughts on what is an appropriate amount to tip.

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Per group travelling (both couples and families) –

1. Guides

As an estimate, $7-10 per day would be about right for a good job (more for something special) with less than a whole day at a pro rata rate.

2. Drivers

Your driver will also be happy to accept a tip – generally about 2/3 of what you give to the guide.

3. Hotels

Small tips (around a dollar or equivalent) for hotel staff or porters are commonplace and generally all tips are appreciated whatever their value. A dollar or so for their help is a good guideline.

4. Restaurants

There’s no standard amount to give at restaurants although 10% of the total bill is a good idea. If you weren’t satisfied with the service, don’t feel obliged to leave anything said.

5. Motos/ tuk tuks

Tipping a moto or tuk tuk driver is unusual but if you feel they’ve done a good job feel free to give $ 1-2.

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