Tipping guidelines for The Maldives

In The Maldives, a 10% service charge is normally added to your purchases in a resort, so tipping on top of that is not necessary. If you really want to show your appreciation for great service it will be gratefully received of course. Here’s our guidelines on appropriate amounts to tip in The Maldives.

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Per couple or family travelling –


Many people like to take advantage of the crystal blue waters and astonishing marine life during their stay in The Maldives. Diving guides and teachers do not expect tips and it’s not customary to pay them. On the other hand, if they’ve given you an incredible experience, 10% of the overall dive price is a good guideline.

If you’re travelling around on local islands with a guide, a good tipping suggestion is $10 per day. Of course you can adjust this depending on the level of service.


You don’t need to tip anyone involved in your transportation.


If you’re in a hotel for a few days or more and your staff have demonstrated good service,  a tip of $2 per day for room staff is a suggested amount, although you’re not obliged. Service charges are already added for any additional items you buy in the resort.


Tipping at hotel restaurants is usually a question of rounding up bills or leaving small change. 10% service charge is always added anyway but if you want to thank your waiter, leaving cash is a good idea.

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