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What to consider when going on holiday

by Amelia Curran

There’s a lot to consider when planning a holiday. Experience Travel Group are experts in the field; so, whether you’re booking with a tour operator or doing DIY, we’ve outlined the main things you need to think about…


For most people, the first step in planning a holiday is deciding where to go.  Perhaps you’ve seen a picture of a particular landscape or monument you yearn to see, or a beach you simply must lounge on, or you’ve heard great things about a certain city.

But actually, why not start by looking at the ‘what’: as in, what do you want to experience on your holiday? This is because so often people latch onto a destination almost arbitrarily, without really knowing if it can deliver the type of holiday they’re looking for. As a tour operator we hear it all the time: somebody calls us with a destination in mind, but after chatting for a while it becomes clear that somewhere else would be a more appropriate choice.


Consider why you’re taking this trip. Is it curiosity about another culture? Are you looking to try something completely different? Are you looking to unwind? Perhaps you’ve gotten into Vietnamese cooking recently, and you just want to try to real thing for yourself…?

It could be all or none of the above; but understanding why you travel is key to helping you decide on the best experience for you.


This one should be relatively easy. Who will be accompanying you on your travels – is it your partner, friends or family?

If you and your travel partner(s) have different taste in activities or hotels, make sure you have plenty of chance to discuss your holiday plans in advance so that all your desires are met. It’s crucial that everyone going on a holiday picks out at least one thing that they can look forward to.


Time for logistics. How are you going to reach your dream destination?

Unless you particularly fancy a boat trip or overland driving odyssey (which, of course, can be done), the chances are you’ll be flying. The first step is to decide how much the flight matters to you. Do you like to economise on flights, or splash out in Business? Do you view it as a way of getting from A to B, or does your holiday start the minute you board the plane?


The choice of hotels and other accommodation out there can be overwhelming. Consider what’s important to you in terms of aesthetic, amenities and location. Do you like a hotel with great food, or will you be heading out to eat every night? If so, are you close to good restaurants?

Transfers/getting around in country

Depending on where you’re going and what your holiday plan is, there may be some travelling once you arrive at your destination as well. The type of transport you use will depend on your budget and the type of experience you want to have. As always, the most important thing is to do your research – talking to someone who has already visited the country is always the best bet for avoiding difficulties or unwelcome surprises.  In Sri Lanka, for example, apparently short distances can take a long time to cover because the route is very busy or the road quality is poor, which you can’t tell from simply looking at a map.

This is just a starting point. If you’d be interested in talking to a travel specialist about a potential holiday, do you get in touch on 020 3411 6494 or drop us an email here. Alternatively, have a look at example holiday itineraries in our portfolio.

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