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Is it safe to travel to Thailand in 2018?

by Toni Hand

Tourism is a major economic factor in Thailand and has been continuously on the increase since the 1960s. Nevertheless, as with any country, there are specifics to look out for and be informed about. In order to help you prepare for your holiday we have compiled advice on travel safety to ensure you have a stress free visit.

Food in Damnoen Saduak Floating Market near Bangkok, Thailand

More than one million British nationals visit Thailand every year and most visits are trouble-free. However, to ensure you are safe while exploring this beautiful land it is always practical to be informed. Please consider the following advice compiled by an Experience Travel Group expert.

Special security: Indiscriminate terrorist attacks have occurred in the recent past and the FCO advises tourists to take care in public places and to follow the guidance of local authorities. However, incidents which most frequently trouble tourists are much more mundane.

Society: Pay close attention to petty thievery and keep your personal belongings, documents and money, on your person, ideally in a strapped money bag. Guard against pickpockets and bag snatchers. Taking everything into consideration, what is most required is a common sense approach. Avoid political protests, keep an eye out for potential muggers and above all be sensible. Experience Travel Group regularly checks FCO advice to make sure that none of our customers are in harm’s way.  In case of any serious trouble, our on-the-ground staff will provide the necessary assistance. In addition, we also offer 24-hour UK support.

Nature: Thailand offers amazing experiences and hosts two of the world’s greatest natural wonders, the rainforest and the coral reefs. Nature comes alive in lush greenery and a beautifully colourful variety. Although Northern Thailand can experience earthquakes and tremors of varying magnitude, they are not a realistic threat one should fear. On the other hand, heavy storms during the height of the monsoon season can cause damage including flooding and landslides. Quite naturally, lakes, caves and waterfalls are particularly prone to dangerous flash flooding during the rainy season. If you travel with a reputable travel agent such as ETG, you can expect to be fully informed of any potential dangers and more importantly how to avoid them. We are constantly in touch with our in-country office to make sure that our customers are in no potential danger and we always check FCO travel advice to ensure trouble-free holidays.

Health:  Before travelling to Thailand it is advised that you should check if you are up to date with British vaccinations as prescribed by your GP. Fit for Travel website is extremely useful to consult for the latest medical suggestions.

General safety tips

  • Book with a reputable tour company (like Experience Travel Group) when planning your holiday. We have on the ground emergency support and 24-hour contact lines both in the UK and Indonesia.
  • Subscribe to embassy updates before you leave to get the latest travel information whilst in the country.
  • Avoid large crowds and any political demonstrations.

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