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Tipping guidelines for Thailand

by Toni Hand

Tipping isn’t common practise in Thailand. If you observe  the locals you’ll rarely see them tip in a restaurant, for example. On the other hand, small tokens of appreciation for top notch service will be much appreciated. You’ll also notice in touristy places that tips are expected and 10% is added to your overall bill, so don’t be too surprised by this.


Per couple or family travelling –


Tourist guides appreciate tips to supplement their wages. As a rough guide, around $10 per day would be about right for a good job, perhaps more for something special or if you are a larger group or family.


When tipping your driver it depends how much time he’s spent looking after you. For a day’s work, driving you to 3-4 stops along the way, you might give them $3-4. It’s up to you; if they’ve only provided transfers to and from an airport, don’t feel obliged to tip.


If you’re in a hotel for a few days or more, a tip of a few dollars for your chambermaid or anyone else who has been helpful will be appreciated.


Many restaurants and most hotels will add a 10% service charge to the bill. It’s also customary to leave any small change (coins etc) and if a charge is not added then 10% is a good gauge. In local bars you are usually given your bill in a glass and it’s customary to leave a small tip.

Taxis/ tuk tuks:

Do not require tipping unless for exceptional service.

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