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When can we travel again? (UK Residents)

by Sam Clark
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To keep you up to date on UK government rules on flying to Asia, we’re collecting the updates here and cutting through the confusion for you. If you want to know about local rules and restrictions within Asia, head over to our where can I travel in Asia post.

UK Government Traffic Light Announcement: Indonesia & Myanmar go red

Updated: 14th July 2021

Indonesia and Myanmar were today added to the ‘Red List’ with returning passengers now requiring full hotel quarantine.

The Maldives and Sri Lanka remain on the ‘Red List’, though we watch for news on the Maldives very closely as case rates are well down, and vaccination rates are very high.

Double vaccinated travellers to escape self-isolation on return from Amber List destinations

Updated: 8th July 2021

The UK government has confirmed that double vaccinated travellers returning from amber list countries will now be treated the same way as if they were returning from a green list country. They must take a negative COVID test before returning and then test again on Day 2 back in the UK.

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UK Goverment Traffic Light Announcement: Sri Lanka goes red

Updated: 3rd June 2021

Sri Lanka was today added to the red list with returning passengers now requiring full hotel quarantine.

UK Goverment Traffic Light Announcement: Maldives goes red

Updated: 17th May 2021

The Maldives was today added to the red list with returning passengers now requiring full hotel quarantine.

‘Greenlist’ Announced: Where We Can Travel Quarantine Free

Updated: 7th May 2021

The ‘Green’ list (those countries where there is no mandatory quarantine or self-isolation period) is very limited, to say the least, consisting mainly of countries either impossible to get to or currently denying British people entry (at least without costly quarantines). There are no ‘ETG’ destinations on the Green list.

ETG countries on the amber list currently include Thailand, The Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Global Travel Taskforce sets out approach to safely restarting international travel

Updated: 9th April 2021

In an earlier than expected, but fairly underwhelming update, the Global Travel Taskforce reported today. Recommendations include the launch of a new traffic light system, a “Green Watchlist” and the introduction of travel certification.

We still expect leisure travel to officially re-start on the 17th of May, but we do not yet know what that will look like.

Can UK residents travel abroad again?

Updated: March 2021

As you will have no doubt seen, the Prime Minister announced yesterday that international leisure travel could resume on the 17th May, pending a review led by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, scheduled to report by the 12th April.

While we are disappointed to cancel pre-May holidays to the highly bio-secure destination of the Maldives, we very much welcome the additional clarity that this provides, not only to us but also to our customers, partners and suppliers in Asia.

We will continue to offer customers who want to book now, travel later the option to confirm with our Book With Confidence guarantee.

We are ready to start planning a trip to any of our destination on this basis.

For our customers keen to get away before the winter, we have one country on our Travel Soon list (The Maldives) and one soon to be added (Sri Lanka). The Maldives has been receiving visitors since last summer in an extremely safe and secure way, both for tourists and for the local population. This sense of safety is enhanced by the fact that the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism and Health Protection Agency has started to roll out vaccines among frontline hotel staff in resorts.

Sri Lanka opened on the 23rd of January, in a limited way, and we are still assessing the situation on the ground, ensuring our hotels and guides have the appropriate training and protocols in place. We are working to put together a new holiday programme specifically designed for holidays this summer.

We’re excited to be able to start helping more people make their travel count again!

To talk to us about your future holiday plans, please get in touch on 020 7924 7133 , and we’ll schedule a time that suits you.

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