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5 Handpicked: Top Overnight Experiences in Vietnam

by Sam Clark

As nominated by Experience Travel customers, check out our 5 Handpicked: Top Overnight Experiences in Vietnam as part of your holiday in Vietnam.

1) The Red Dragon Cruise
Take a cruise down Halong Bay on the Red Dragon. Halong Bay is a ‘must do’ for any first time visitor to Vietnam. The spectacular limestone karst scenery is mind blowing. The Red Dragon gets you away from the crowds and the refined personal service is simply superb.

2) The fabulous Ancient House. Small, low cost but perfectly set-up, the Ancient House is one of our favourite hotels in Vietnam.

3) Pilgrimage Village
Pilgrimage Village is located 30 minutes outside of Hue, but what is missed in location, is made up for in space and design – with a real ‘wow’ factor (sorry to use the property show cliche). The pool is particularly gorgeous.

4) The Bassac Cruise
The Bassac Cruise is one of the most relaxing and stylish ways to explore the magnificent Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. In his series on South East Asian food, Rick Stein eulogised about the food onboard. The Bassac is also a great way to get off the beaten track and it’s a genuine ‘boutique’ experience for Vietnam.

5) The Nam Hai
Ah yes… If you’re going to splash out on any place in Vietnam, make it the Nam Hai. Expensive yes – but less so than the equivalent place almost anywhere else in the world.

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