How Malaysia inspired Becky’s career in travel

Travel expert Becky reveals the story behind her career in travel. Whisked away as a child to the tropical riches of Malaysia, the food, history, architecture and landscapes captured her imagination. It was then she decided she wanted to travel for the rest of her life and pursue a career in the industry. Here she shares her life-changing experience:


Inland Villas & Hotels in Sri Lanka

When many people think of Sri Lanka they conjure up images of tropical white beaches and the deep blue Indian Ocean. It is undeniable, the coastline is truly spectacular! Sri Lanka offers a vast choice of boutique hotels, large resorts or private villas for guests all along its shores, to cater to the growing demand for beach holidays. This often means inland accommodation is sadly overlooked by travellers, who think a beach-front location is preferable.


Colombo City Walks

When thinking about historical sites in Sri Lanka Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Galle Fort and Tea Plantations may spring to mind. The Capital city of Colombo, more often than not, gets unjustly overlooked. Often represented at the commercial and shopping heart of Sri Lanka, Colombo in fact has a hidden treasure trove of historical gems ready to be discovered!

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s natural gems (of which there are many!)The largest of Sri Lanka’s National Parks Wilpattu is found in the lowland dry zone of the North West of the country, spanning a whopping 425 miles ². Founded in 1938, this National Park only recently reopened it’s gates in 2010, after a tumultuous history in recent years surrounding the civil war. Now fully safe, and open to the public, Wilpattu offers a different experience and excellent alternative to the bustling tracks of Yala National Park in the South East.