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What is an Experience Travel Group signature tour?

by Melissa Nicholas

At the very heart of Experience Travel Group is the belief that authentic, off-the-beaten-track experiences can go hand in hand with comfort and relaxation. Our trademark Signature Experiences epitomise this.

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These unique and exclusive day tours, handcrafted by our experts include insider experiences of the main highlights, journeys to hidden nooks and crannies of cities and rural adventures.

A typical Experience Travel Group Signature tour will give you a different perspective on the main sites and will be timed to dodge the crowds. You’ll travel using unique modes of transport like tuk-tuks, jeeps or Vespa bikes. Lunch might be a traditional picnic under a frangipani tree, rice and curry with a local family or the best noodle soup in town at a secret street food stall. We pace these tours carefully too, a day exploring the temples might be interspersed with some pool time, a foot massage or a quiet gin and tonic in a colonial hotel.

Each of our Signature Experiences are completely different and reflects the spirit and individuality of each city or country.  We don’t publicise the finer details as we only want to share our secrets with you (we don’t want to find a 50 seater tour bus under that secret frangipani tree!)

If you wanted to hear a little more about how signature Experience Travel Group tours could be included into your trip to Asia, do get in touch on 020 3411 1997 or get in touch via email here. We can always adapt them to your exact preferences as all our holidays are tailor-made. For more inspiration, do have a look at our example itineraries

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