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Why you should take your family abroad on holiday

by Alice Bayly

The ‘staycation’ has become a trending term when it comes to holidays – staying put over the summer months or choosing a spot that’s a drive away, rather than overseas. There are some benefits to staying within the UK’s shores, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, there’s really nothing like a family holiday overseas when it comes to creating bonds and making memories.

1. Exploring new cultures

Holidays abroad can have a profound effect on children. From the different weather conditions, to hearing different languages and tasting new food, it’s a mind opening experience. An overseas holiday with family is a safe way for kids to be exposed to new cultures and customs, people and traditions. It can spark curiosity about the world and a desire to travel and learn.

2. The weather

Let’s be honest, rain and grey clouds don’t make the best backdrop for a much longed for family holiday. However, unfortunately the UK doesn’t offer any guarantees when it comes to weather. If you want sunshine for bike rides, beach time or you’re keen to camp then you really need to think about planning a holiday to warmer climes.

3. Really getting away from it all

Parents deserve a holiday as much as kids do and, try as you might, it’s just not that easy to really get away from it all if you’ve just driven a couple of hours from home. With a holiday abroad the travel is all part of the process of leaving everyday life behind for a few weeks. Whether you’re taking an overnight ferry or a morning flight it’s a totally different kind of excitement. Plus, new landscapes, sounds, sights and smells will help you to leave the troubles of work and life back at the departure point.

4. Stimulate your family

According to research (Elizabeth Buie, TES), two-thirds of conversations between parent and child are about daily routine. Holidays abroad can give you something else to talk about. If you want to really engage with your children then take them somewhere that makes them think, question and marvel. By travelling abroad you can discover new things together, from making pasta in Italy, to the most fascinating bits of history in Spain. No more chat about missing socks and tidying rooms – at least for a week or so.

5. Making memories

You can make beautiful memories wherever you go on holiday, of course. However, there’s something about holidays abroad that make those memories stronger, more colourful and longer lasting.

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