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When David Flew Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy

by Amelia Curran

As an ETG Southeast Asia specialist I often get asked, ‘What is Vietnam Airlines like to fly with?’  So, being the resident flight geek (and of course ever helpful to ETG clients) I recently flew with them on my work trip to Myanmar (Burma). Here is my Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy review…

Staff and dignitaries in front of a Vietnam airlines plane

Is it worth flying Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy?

Historically it’s fair to say that while Vietnam Airline’s domestic routes were fine and continue to be, their international flights were a bit of a lottery. Feedback from clients previously was that the planes were tired and the quality of the service was average at best.

I am pleased to say this is all changing – with new aircraft (the Boeing 787  ‘Dreamliner’) on the London routes and direct flights from Heathrow to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as great connections to the other countries ETG specialises in. I flew from Vietnam Airlines from London to Hanoi and was pleasantly surprised.

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The airfares are often very competitive in all travel classes but the real stand out for me is that the 787 has an excellent ‘Premium Economy’ (deluxe economy) product which often can be had for very little more than economy and substantially cheaper than other airlines.

Images showing a large amount of leg room in Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy seat

There is plenty of leg room…

So how good is Vietnam Airlines premium economy? The seats are wide being a 2-3-2 configuration rather than 3-3-3 in economy, making it great for couples. The distance to the seat in front (pitch) is 42” which is significantly more than the 38” or so inches than other airlines’ premium economy. With a deep recline, leg support and footrest you have loads of space and you certainly don’t need a bulkhead or exit row to feel comfortable.

Two Vietnam Airlines premium economy seats

Nice and spacious

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Now for my Vietnam Airlines food review. It was certainly tasty by plane meal standards, with a Vietnamese and Western option usually offered. The al long haul trip. BA do have better food (with a business class main meal offered), their entertainment (while not as fantastic as other airlines) has considerably more choice than Vietnam Airlines and they also offer noise reducing headphones.

Example of a meal when in premium economy with Vietnam airlines

How does the food compare to other airlines?

All in all, though these are relatively minor points and there’s no doubt that Vietnam Airlines premium economy seat is amazing value for money and for a 12-hour flight that is a real priority! If you’re looking for direct flights to Vietnam from London Heathrow, Vietnam Airlines is definitely a great option.

P.S. If you’re still wondering how to select a seat on Vietnam Airlines, yes I did nip back and see Vietnam Airlines economy class. There’s obviously less space but 32” seat pitch, good food and decent service combined with usually amongst the cheapest air fares it’s a great overall deal.

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