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Holidays to Southern Sri Lanka increase as the sea plane affect kicks in

by Nick Clark

Since the re-launch of the twice daily Sri Lankan airlines air taxi service from Colombo International Airport to Koggala (Galle) and Dickwella (Tangalle) the options for tailor-made holidays to Sri Lanka, and particularly those in the south, have increased dramatically. Connecting with the International flights between London and Colombo, it is now possible to avoid the 5 hour drive along the overcrowded Galle Road and instead take to the skies. On the hour-long flight you can look down with pity on the buses, cars and tuk-tuks battling it out on the streets below, while enjoying the stunning views of the western coastline on one side and the hills rising majestically on the other. Providing you include the air taxi with International flights with Sri Lankan airlines, the cost of the flights for two people also works out a similar rate to a transfer to the Galle/Tangalle region.

To improve the situation further, Sri Lankan airlines have improved their flight schedule between London and Colombo so it is now possible to fly 5 times a week (Mon-Fri) from London to Koggala/Tangalle, with only a relatively short stopover in Colombo. They have also recently altered the times of the seaplane so that you can leave the South Coast after breakfast and be back in London by 20:15 every day of the week, although on 4 days a week this involves a touchdown in Male on the international flight. Please speak to one of our consultants to decide dates that suit you.

The biggest change that this has made to Holidays in Sri Lanka is the possibilities this has created for holidays that concentrate exclusively on the south coast, such as our Laid Back South Coast (Luxury) itinerary (don’t worry, for those of you on a tighter budget we can design similarly structured tours that will fit into every budget!). These holidays can range from simply getting away from the crowds on the west coast and relaxing in a remote beach hotel such as Buckingham Palace; exploring the world heritage site of Galle Fort and the surrounding lush tropical hills and palm tree fringed bays or taking in the wonderful range of nature and wildlife within easy reach, including Whale watching in Mirissa, leopard spotting in Yala National Park, Elephants at Uda Walawe or the birds and reptiles of the Sinharaja Rainforest. While this is a good option for first-time visitors to the island, it is particularly suited to returning visitors who have seen the major historical and cultural sites and now wish to explore the country in greater depth.

The other major positive the seaplane has created is to negate the need for the often costly and tedious final night in Colombo or Negombo. Where before you needed to be close to the airport to avoid a ridiculously early start on your final day, you can now have an extra night on the beach, or elsewhere in your holiday, and have a relaxing final day and night knowing that you can get from your hotel and back to London within the day. With only a limited period of time for your holiday and a destination as varied as Sri Lanka this extra night can be a huge benefit when deciding how to fit everything in! Please call one of our Sri Lanka experts to discuss how we can fit the seaplane into your holiday and how best to utilise the extra time.


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