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Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now?

by Sam Clark
View of Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka specialists, many customers and journalists have been asking us whether it is safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now.

Without hesitation, we respond… “absolutely, yes it is.”

There is really no doubt in our minds that Sri Lanka is generally one of the safest places to visit in Asia, if not the world. While the economic and political issues are by no means solved, they no longer impinge in any way on travellers. Last year, we have had many customers visit and they have all reported that they had a wonderful time. You can read some of their reviews here.

Travel to Sri Lanka has returned in a major way and we believe that this year will be an incredible opportunity for anyone keen to visit. Tempted? Talk to us about your Sri Lanka holiday today.

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now?

Back in the summer of 2022, there were big political protests in the capital Colombo and quite disruptive upheavals. The situation was brought under control – the protests dispersed, people went back to their normal lives and the situation returned to normal. There have been no major protests since then and absolutely no reason to be concerned on this score.

The BBC reported that on the 20th of March the Government of Sri Lanka secured a $2.9bn (£2.3bn) bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Our In-country manager, Thushni de Silva says categorically:

In terms of safety in country, there is nothing going on for anyone to worry about”. As a company our absolute priority is traveller safety and we would never compromise on that.

Cathy, from travelguru.tv visited Sri Lanka last year and gave her thoughts on whether it was a good time visit:

Are there any critical medicine or fuel shortages in Sri Lanka right now?

Sri Lanka has all the essentials it needs now and there are no critical concerns in this respect. During the summer of 2022, there were reports of medical supplies running short, but the private hospitals were able to maintain a normal service throughout and that is no longer an issue.

Hydro-power supplies have been replenished by heavy monsoons in 2022 and 2023 and the power supply is far more stable. In any case, all the hotels we use have generators for backup.

Is Sri Lanka good value right now?

In short, yes it is. The depreciation of the rupee has meant that your pounds, dollars or euros go a long way whether you are buying food in a restaurant, travelling around ad hoc, or shopping for gifts and crafts.

Beyond that, there are specific savings to be had, such as this family package offer here. Most of these deals are ad hoc and at different times, depending on demand, so talk to one of our consultants and they’ll help you get the best possible value for your holiday.

As ever, we believe that the real value for Sri Lanka lies in the small, high-quality boutique hotels, lodges and even campsites.  There is so much going on in Sri Lanka right now, it’s genuinely quite exciting to see.

Sri Lanka's boutique hotels, such as Rosyth Estate House, offer cracking value

A warm welcome awaits in Sri Lanka

We asked James, a recent visitor to Sri Lanka, to tell you how they felt about their welcome:

In the back of my mind, there was a slight concern around how’d I’d be received. I need not have worried. Everyone I met, walked past and interacted with could not have done more to make me feel welcome.  Whether it was walking past tea pluckers in The Knuckles, talking to locals in hotels, walking around Kandy or going on a street food tour in Colombo, it was all so positive.

The country and a lot of its people rely on tourism so really need tourists back. People actually thanked me for coming.

A selfie of a traveller and guide on top of Pidurangala with Sigiriya in the background

You can travel around freely

Here at ETG we tend to promote a ‘less is more’ approach to a lot of our holidays.  But you can get around the entire island without fuss or bother. Our brilliant team of chauffeur-guides will make your life very easy in this respect and give you a window into the local culture and customs too. We’re very proud of them and they are so happy to be busy once more doing what they do best.

The key tourist sites, beaches and national parks are open

All the ‘must see’ sights travellers would usually visit on a trip to Sri Lanka are open – Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, the Temple of the tooth and more – as are all the national parks and beautiful beaches.

palm tree fringed beach close to galle
Beach near Galle

It’s the boutique hotel dream

Hotels have been able to maintain a decent standard, despite the travails of the past few years. During the pandemic, they had the support of domestic guests and had a big jump of visitors in the first quarter of 2022 and then again during 2023.

Many hoteliers, such as the Jetwing Hotel group kept on all of their staff throughout the pandemic period. This was both to support their staff during a difficult period and ensure that they were able to maintain standards.

One of the many reasons to travel to Sri Lanka is to stay in some of the fantastic and varied, small boutique hotels. We believe it is the best destination in Asia for such properties along with maybe Indonesia.

The Ark villa in Sri Lanka surrounded by jungle near Sinharaja Rainforest
The Ark Villa in Sri Lanka

Why should I book a trip to Sri Lanka now?

• Booking a holiday to Sri Lanka supports the 1 in 8 families dependent on tourism and have been so severely affected by the pandemic.

• Sites such as Sigiriya have a buzz about them but are far from overcrowded, so now’s a great time to see them.

• There is currently decent availability, especially for those families looking for a special holiday during the mini-peak period of July-September. The weather throughout Sri Lanka is great at this time and there are few destinations worldwide offering such a beautiful adventure for the whole family

• As you travel around, prices are low in general, due to the fall in value of the Sri Lankan rupee. Your Pounds, Euros or Dollars will go a long way

• Sri Lankan hotels are offering some brilliant deals and prices, particularly for periods of the year when demand is typically low anyway – such as May-June and September-October.


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