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How Malaysia inspired Becky’s career in travel

by Becky Grainger

Travel expert Becky reveals the story behind her career in travel. Whisked away as a child to the tropical riches of Malaysia, the food, history, architecture and landscapes captured her imagination. It was then she decided she wanted to travel for the rest of her life and pursue a career in the industry. Here she shares her life-changing experience:

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In 2005 my parents decided to cancel Christmas. We were going to Malaysia instead.  

It was never going to be an orthodox festive period. My sisters and I were in slight shock as all we‘d ever known were the bracing but snug Christmases in Scotland, our home. Walking out of the airplane in Kuala Lumpur (locally called ‘KL’), the wall of heat and exotic smells were like nothing I’d experienced before.  


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I remember sampling the most varied and delicious food. Little India in KL had amazing curry, I ate Chinese dumplings in Chinatown and the traditional Malay cuisine was delicious. Each region has its own speciality. The Dim Sum in Penang for example was incredible. The indigenous Orang Asli in Taman Negara National Park offered us steamed fish cooked inside bamboo and it was simple but absolutely delicious. The variety was mind boggling and the trip was a true culinary journey of a lifetime.  

The backdrop to these foodie delights was equally inspiring. From the iconic Petronas towers, the glistening domed mosques, the Chinese buildings, the British colonial architecture to the wooden Kampong shacks in the jungle, the story behind each façade was intriguing.  


Finally the landscapes of Malaysia will always remain a vivid memory in my mind. It‘s amazing to think that in a relatively small area, such diverse environments exist: the lush tea plantations  the retreat of the British in the 19th Century – the dense jungles of Taman Negara, Langkawi’s diverse geopark and the white sand beaches of the east coast. It’s a photographer’s dream.  

Ultimately, the whole experience had an incredible effect on me. I knew I wanted to keep exploring for the rest of my life and decided to pursue a career in travel. I’m happy to say the childhood dream came true and now, working for Experience Travel Group, I’m particularly excited about the launch of Peninsular Malaysia. 

If you wanted to talk to Becky about organising your own trip to Malaysia, do get in touch on 020 3773 9188  or drop her an email here. For a better idea of the kind of trip you could take, have a look at our example holiday itineraries. Do note they can all be tweaked and altered to fit your exact requirements as we can tailor-make the entire travel plan. 

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