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Meet Thushni, our local experience manager in Sri Lanka

by Matt Brazier

Thushni is our wonderful local experience manager in Sri Lanka which means she’s responsible for making sure all your needs are met whilst you’re on holiday in the country. Here she explains a little bit more about herself and her love of travel. 

ETG is the only tour operator (as of May 2017) in the UK that gives its clients extra peace of mind when travelling by connecting them to a local experience manager in country.

To give you that well-needed additional security, Thushni’s role is to;

  • Be a friendly in-country contact for every incoming traveller.
  • Assist with general and travel advice.
  • Resolve any problems which may arise during your stay in Sri Lanka.
  • Take advantage of her local connections to find unique and authentic experiences that will help you discover the true side of Sri Lanka.
  • Share her enthusiasm, local knowledge, and love for her native country.

Thushni will drop you a text message when you land in Colombo and will arrange a time to chat at least once more during your trip.  Feel free to get in touch with her at any point though.

Also, note that you’ll have the contact details of your private chauffeur guide who will be responsible for showcasing Sri Lanka in the best way for you.

With our local experience manager in Sri Lanka and your chauffeur guide as easy to reach in-country contacts and your ETG consultant in the UK, you’ll be very well looked after as you tour Sri Lanka.


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If you would like more Sri Lanka travel advice and to know how our holidays in Sri Lanka operate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can make an enquiry online or give us a call on 020 7924 7133 .

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