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Silence (Nyepi) Day in Bali

by Sam Clark

Monday March 31st 2014 is Silence (Nyepi) Day, a really important date in the Balinese Hindu Calendar. 

Nyepi is a fascinating and unusual religious event which takes place every year in Bali, marking the start of the New Year. This year it will take place next Monday 31st. For a 24 hour period, from 6am to 6am the following day, everything in Bali will stop – and I mean everything! It goes way beyond a bank holiday here: besides shops and offices closing, people are not allowed onto the streets, engage in entertainment activities, turn on lights or make any noise whatsoever!

Ngurah Rai International Airport will be closed for Nyepi Day and there are no departure flights out or arrival flights in on the 31st itself.  Never fear though: the one service that does operate ‘as normal’ are Bal;i’s many wonderful hotels. However, even in the hotels there is very limited outside lighting at night and guests are required to stay within the confines of the hotel for that day. 

A unique experience for anyone used to noisy old England – I’m sure you’ll agree. Generally Bali is colourful and exuberant – but for this day only, silence reigns!

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