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Special Deals during the quiet season in Sri Lanka

by Sam Clark

Sri Lanka is traditionally very quiet in May, June and July. The reason is that this is the time the south-west monsoon traditionally hits the south-west coast. However, we think it is a great time to visit. The rainy season in Sri Lanka is not clear cut as it is in parts of India and elsewhere.  Frankly, on the south-west coast, there is a good chance of rain at any time of year. You are highly unlikely to get consistent rain though – heavy short sharp showers in the late afternoon are more likely. Moreover, the central northern, northern and eastern areas of the country are generally completely dry at this time of year making it perfect for spotting the big game – elephants and leopards.

There are also fantastic deals on at fantastic smaller hotels and villas. We can negotiate deals for you pretty much anywhere, but as a flavour look at the following deals from some of the best places in Sri Lanka.

The unbelievably beautiful Kahana Kanda has a stay 3 get 1 free and a stay 5 get 2 free offer.
Aditya, for our money the best beach hotel on the coast, also has a free night offer – stay 3 get 1 free or stay 5 get 2 free. Moreover, their rates are hugely reduced at this time too.
Villas such as Southpoint Abbey, Southpoint Villa and Villa Ambalalama also have varying degrees of free nights offered too.
The gorgeous Ulugalla has a stay 3 get 1 free.

Finally, on the wildlife front, Kulu Safaris have reduced rates for some dates during this time and The Mudhouse also offer an extra night free.

Seriously, some companies talk complete nonsense about the weather in Sri Lanka – they really do. December is counted as the dry season in much literature and in part of the country that is very much the wet season. Alright, for sun worshippers who want to sunbathe on the beach for 2 weeks, May and June is not great in Sri Lanka (except the East Coast!) but for anyone else it is a perfectly good time to visit and has the enormous added benefits of many less fellow tourists and much cheaper rates at the many fabulous hotels Sri Lanka has to offer! Talk to us about you Sri Lanka holiday at Experience Travel.

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