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Special Offer at Hotels…

by Sam Clark

At Experience Travel there are certain things we like.

One of those things is good, clear and sensible special offers. We like what will help us make a sale – basically what will appeal to our clients.

We like free night offers – everyone likes a free night. We like upgrade offers, we like free meals, we like free spa treatments.’ We even like free transfers, free excursions; anything free’ is good really. Anything that genuinely adds value to a trip is good – though it must be very tangible. Otherwise, hoteliers, you are only wasting your own time.

We like clear conditions on these (i.e.’ free night offer for all left handed scorpio in November if booked in May is really no use to us or our clients).

Most hotels offer a free bottle of wine to honeymooners and usually a basket of fruit or somesuch.’ We reckon our clients are way too intelligent to get overly excited about either of those in advance (though they can be a very nice little bonus on arrival – the wine particularly!). And as for hotels that advertise in advance that they will decorate your bed with petals: refrain! Do it if you must, but it’s no use boasting about it.

But our absolute pet hate is hotels contacting us to tell us about special offers that involve clients spending more money. A reduction on rates for local services are just a way of pointing out’that while the hotel may have accepted your money for the booking – they don’t feel your spending stops with that!

Of course, we are Experience Travel will help you sort the wheat from the chaff when planning your perfect holiday in Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Thailand!

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