• Tourism is a major economic factor in Thailand and has been continuously on the increase since the 1960s. Nevertheless, as with any country, there are specifics to look out for and be informed about. In order to help you prepare for your holiday we have compiled advice on travel safety to ensure you have a stress free visit.

  • Considering Aung San Suu Kyi assumed the position of State Counsellor of Myanmar (de facto Prime Minister, position specifically created for her), we thought it timely to mirror those changes and update our traveller safety information on the mysterious land that is Myanmar.

  • An enchanting country, Vietnam is renowned for its exceptional cuisine, captivating culture and dazzling natural landscapes. Although Vietnam has become a major tourist destination since the late 1990s, there is still a prominent sense of the unknown, which is why we consider it useful to share our intimate knowledge with you and help you stay safe while travelling.

  • If you wanted to include an extra special, unique element to your next summer holiday, why not consider staying in a new hotel? Here, we’re rounding up the best set to open in time. Do note that construction schedules can sometimes change and rates for rooms may not be listed yet – but this article is a good place start for inspiration.