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The birdlife of Asia is extraordinarily diverse, and guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned ‘twitcher’. From hornbills to bulbuls, bee-eaters and black-necked cranes, the birdwatching opportunities across the continent are spectacular. Nothing beats breaking out the binoculars and spying a rare species taking flight. On an ETG wildlife experience, we will always ensure you are paired with the best naturalist guides to give you the best chance of a sighting.

The national parks of India and Sri Lanka are blessed with abundant birds, particularly around the likes of Thattekad in Kerala and the Sinharaja Rainforest. Watching the migration of the black-necked cranes in Gangtey Valley, Bhutan, is one of the most wonderful birdwatching sights in Asia. Over in Southeast Asia, too, you have all manner of brilliant birdlife, such as in Khao Sok National Park.