• Having only opened up to tourists relatively recently, there’s a nascent culture of tipping in Myanmar. We’d encourage tipping for particularly good service; wages are low so they’ll certainly be appreciated. That being said, do only tip on a merit basis and don’t feel obliged to do it. Here are our guidelines for tipping in Myanmar.

  • Having relatively recently opened up to the world, Myanmar can still pose challenges for travellers wanting to navigate the country. It encompasses a vast landmass, so getting about can be problematic as can be experiencing the highlights away from crowds and reaching undiscovered spots. This short guide will briefly outline how best to plan your trip.

  • For those considering how they’ll get around the vast country of Myanmar (Burma), you may be wondering whether it’s worth hiring a driver and guide for parts of your trip. We believe they help you to maximise your experience in the country and are great value for money; they’ll really get you under the surface, providing an insider’s perspective on all the things you see.

  • I’ve been asked many times how the temples in Bagan, Myanmar, and those around Siem Reap, Cambodia compare, and which are better. I’ve been lucky enough to visit both sites over the years and the short answer is that neither one is better than the other. Both have their own charms and unique selling points and are truly awe-inspiring places to visit.

  • Learning about our ancestors can help us to get to the bottom of our identity; what has our family done, where have they lived and how does that influence ourselves and our relatives today?

    Exploring your family tree can be a fascinating and exciting trip through history, but with such a wealth of information out there on the Internet – and so many different resources to take it from – where do you start?

  • We invited Duncan, founder of our destination charity: Heal Kids, to talk about how travel inspired him to set up the foundation. On his visit to Bagan, he met a group of streetchildren all wishing they could go to school. Struck by their drive to learn, he went back out just a month or so after returning from his holiday to make a difference and start empowering locals to improve their own lives.

  • Sarah went on a trip of a lifetime to Indonesia and Myanmar (Burma) September 2015. From meeting local celebrities of the Malang football team, to spotting beautiful orangutans in the rainforests, to escaping unusually strong forest fires in Borneo – it was an experience full of adventure and discovery. Here she shares her story:

  • Travel expert Matt has researched new experiences in the eastern states of Myanmar (Burma), largely untouched by tourism. From discovering Kayan tribes in remote villages, to absorbing the stunning terraced landscape for rice cultivation, here he describes the findings from his trip to Loikaw.

  • One of Experience Travel Group’s clients, Hazel, recently travelled around Myanmar (Burma) with her family and she gave us some great feedback on their adventures. All of us in the office were particularly interested in their overnight train journey from Yangon to Mandalay. Over to Hazel: