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Conservation of local habitats and wildlife is one of the key tenets of our sustainable travel pledge at ETG. We believe that tourism, done the right way, can actively promote conservation in our destinations. In areas such as Borneo, where huge areas of ancient rainforest are under threat, responsible travel schemes are one of the few means of protecting the land. Wildlife rehabilitation centres which protect rare and endangered species are largely funded by tourism and, when travelling with an expert guide, you can encounter these creatures ethically and safely.

But how do we know which conservation schemes really fulfil all their promises? How do you see through ‘green-washing’ and have a holiday that genuinely makes a difference?

Working with a reputable tour operator is one way, of course, as we fully vet our partners before promoting their services. This blog, too, will delve into many of the issues surrounding conservation in Asia and how to make sure your trip has a positive impact. You can take a look at our sustainable travel page for more information or get in touch with a member of our team.