• Sri Lanka has so many things to experience that it can be a challenge to work out what is actually worth doing. To help you decide, I’ve listed my favourite activities, any of which can be incorporated into a trip. From sipping delicious tea in the lush tea plantations of the hill country, to meandering through old colonial cities, from admiring the sun set over thousand year-old forests and ancient ruins to close encounters with majestic wildlife, I hope you’ll be inspired.

  • The overwhelming majority of tourists travelling to The Maldives just stay in a resort. What is less well known is the real culture behind this fascinating country. After developing a range of distinctive activities that let you discover Maldivian culture, we’ve listed our top 8 experiences.

  • Sri Lanka is one of the hottest destinations in 2016. As the best small tour operator for holidays to the country (recognised as such in the British Travel Awards), we decided to list our favourite hidden experiences.