Interested in food? Asia is a foodie paradise, with abundant options for curious travellers to explore.

  • Indian food enthusiast and travel expert James shares his top 5 recommended food experiences in India. The restaurant curries in the UK are totally different to authentic Indian cuisine and tasting the real dishes is an enlightening experience. From mouth-watering, juicy chicken and beef kebabs – seasoned with spices – to tapas style potato and chickpea dishes, and lightly fried pakora, there’ll be something for everyone.

  • Borneo is a cultural melting pot and its food is a reflection of this. With Chinese, Malay and indigenous Bornean influences, there’s a variety of things to try. Here, country expert Lauren shares the favourite dishes she recommends sampling when visiting the island.

  • Travel specialist Toni gives her insights into the best foodie experiences in Sri Lanka following from her research trip. From fragrant coconut curries, to pancake hoppers, to mellow rotis, she shares the best of the best. Over to her:

  • Lauren (one of our travel specialists) enjoyed our ETG signature experience: a tour of Saigon by vespa on her own holiday to Vietnam. Exciting, insightful and a lot of fun, she shares her experience here.

  • As the Christmas season fast approaches, we thought we’d divert your mind away from the usual festivals foods and introduce to some of our Asian favourites. This week, it’s Sri Lankan hoppers.

  • As part of our Christmas menu series, we’re featuring Coconut rice with Mango as our next recipe. It’s light, refreshing and healthy, known in the office as ‘heaven on a plate.’ It’s suitable for vegetarians and with only a few ingredients, is easy to make.

  • As the Christmas season fast approaches, we thought we’d divert your mind away from the potatoes, brussel sprouts and turkey with some of our favourite Asian culinary treats. That’s why, over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some brilliant festive recipes with an Asian twist.

  • Our Travel Consultants regularly travel to the destinations they specialise in. Here David Gookey, one of our Travel Consultants shares his foodie experiences in Thailand…

  • We constantly get asked to reccommend our favourite restaurants to clients and this worries us as it seems to change so quickly. What suits Peter, seems to annoy Paul, in much more pronounced a way than hotels or more general hotel experiences.

  • Sitting in our office in Wandsworth putting together tours for people in Vietnam is a decent way to make a living. My thoughts do wander sometimes though, to the places I am working on, and where i would like to go next.

  • Hidden away in the south eastern corner of Cambodia are these two coastal getaways. Their charm is unique and definately a little rough around the edges – though it is in this that lies their charm. Originally built by the French in the 1920s as plush colonial getaways and then used by rich Cambodians in the 1960s and 1970s, they both fell into disrepair and were pretty much abandoned with the arrival of the Khmer Rouge. Although going through a revival (especially Kep) the earlier desertion is still evident in the derelict buildings and run down buildings.

  • Arriving in Nha Trang was quite a strange experience as it is so different from all the places we have visited so far in Vietnam. It is a real ‘holiday’ destination (for Vietnamese as well as westerners) and has a Vietnamese feeling of a spanish holiday resort! If you want peace and quiet then this is not the place for you, but we had a lot of fun there nonetheless.