• If you have a trip planned but there are exams coming up – or you should be studying – then there’s no need to panic. Even if you’re on holiday there are still plenty of things that you can to do make sure that you get the study and revision time that you need.

  • An unforgettable holiday…soaking up the enchanting Thai culture…marvelling at the captivating sites and landscapes…unwinding and relaxing (everything a holiday should be)…All without the kids getting bored?

    We’re passionate about tailoring holidays that suit you – and that means making sure that everyone in your family has the best time. In our opinion, Thailand is one of the best places for a whole family to enjoy a happy, safe and treasured holiday – here’s our list of the top ten experiences that mum, dad and the kids will all love.

  • “It’s sad she doesn’t worry about her own experience…” sighed one of our consultants, after talking with a mother panicking about her family holiday. The problem was, she could “only enjoy the holiday, if all the rest of them do!” Another Mum was putting her own needs last on the priority list, thinking that if she can just fulfill everyone else’ wishes, the family could hit that magical balance of fun, excitement, novelty and relaxation that makes for the perfect trip. Maybe after then, she could slip in one or two experiences for herself; a shame for the chief family organiser!

    So what then are the perfect ingredients?

  • We’ve all been there: flight cancellations, lost luggage, lost passengers, lost passports and lost sanity. Just when you’re supposed to be enjoying your precious free time, it all seems to go wrong. Here’s what we’ve learned from our worst holiday nightmares:

  • Cat and family went on a summer holiday adventure with us to Sri Lanka and we asked her to share her top 5 favourite experiences. From swimming races with her brothers, to absorbing the stunning hill country scenery by train, to canoeing in the great outdoors, here she shares her thoughts: