• There is a strong tipping culture in Sri Lanka; wages are low so it’s an important additional way of making money. Of course, tips should be earned for good service rather than simply expected. Here are our guidelines for good tipping practise.

  • If you wanted to include an extra special, unique element to your next summer holiday, why not consider staying in a new hotel? Here, we’re rounding up the best set to open in time. Do note that construction schedules can sometimes change and rates for rooms may not be listed yet – but this article is a good place start for inspiration.

  • From intriguing overnight cruises down the Mekong, to boutique colonial hotels brimful with history and character, Vietnam boasts some fantastic places to stay whilst visiting the country.

  • Vietnam is a funny place for hotels. There is nothing like the variety of Thailand or even Cambodia and the vestiges of state ownership still affect the feel and design of many hotels. A sort of undynamic fustiness still pervades some of Vietnam’s more venerable institutions!
    Like everything in Vietnam though, the quality of hotels is changing fast and there are some very dynamic and really great hotels around now. There are more on the way too. Here are 5 of the best that I saw on my recent (very busy) fact finding mission!
    In no particular order, these 5 deserve a mention!