• Eco Lodges offer guests a much deeper insight into a destination and can make the difference between a good holiday and an unforgettable experience. From the inclusion of local communities, to the design of the accommodation itself, its the personality of the accommodation that makes your stay much more insightful.

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    Tipping in Sri Lanka

    February 5, 2019

    There is a strong tipping culture in Sri Lanka; wages are low so it’s an important additional way of making money. Of course, tips should be earned for good service rather than simply expected. Here are our guidelines for good tipping practise.

  • As passionate promoters of small boutique hotels, which generally encompass the character and traditions of the country you are visiting, I’m very please to present my top 5 luxury hotels in Sri Lanka that are great for families.

  • If you wanted to include an extra special, unique element to your next summer holiday, why not consider staying in a new hotel? Here, we’re rounding up the best set to open in time. Do note that construction schedules can sometimes change and rates for rooms may not be listed yet – but this article is a good place start for inspiration.

  • From intriguing overnight cruises down the Mekong, to boutique colonial hotels brimful with history and character, Vietnam boasts some fantastic places to stay whilst visiting the country.

  • Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos – collectively known as Indochina – offer history, culture and nature in abundance along with mysterious sights like the Angkor temples, colonial towns such as Hoi An and spiritual cities like Luang Prabang. 2016 brings some fantastic excuses to start planning your holiday to this beguiling region of the world. Here we feature the highlights.

  • India is always an explosion to the senses and brilliant place to explore and relax. This year, there are some exciting new experience on offer that give you the perfect excuse to start planning your holiday to this diverse country.

  • Off on her own holiday to Vietnam, Travel Specialst Lauren had an indulgent experience at one of the country’s most exclusive resorts: the Nam Hai. From idyllic infinity pools, to delicious food, to beautiful beach views, here’s her review.

  • A cruise in Myanmar offers an unparalleled insight into the local way of life. The difficulty is knowing which boat offers the best route, best length of trip and best value. That’s why we picked out some of our favourite River Expeditions!

  • When many people think of Sri Lanka they conjure up images of tropical white beaches and the deep blue Indian Ocean. It is undeniable, the coastline is truly spectacular! Sri Lanka offers a vast choice of boutique hotels, large resorts or private villas for guests all along its shores, to cater to the growing demand for beach holidays. This often means inland accommodation is sadly overlooked by travellers, who think a beach-front location is preferable.

  • The dates are in and the England Cricket Team are playing Test Matches against Sri Lanka in Galle between 26th and 30th March and in Colombo 2nd and 6th April.

    We can pretty much guarantee now that there will not be a room free within an hour of Galle during those dates. There are just not enough rooms to accommodate all the people who will want to watch cricket in one of the world’s most exotic Test match venues. It’s going to be good – but please get in touch with us NOW if you want to get one of our tours booked.

  • Vietnam is a funny place for hotels. There is nothing like the variety of Thailand or even Cambodia and the vestiges of state ownership still affect the feel and design of many hotels. A sort of undynamic fustiness still pervades some of Vietnam’s more venerable institutions!
    Like everything in Vietnam though, the quality of hotels is changing fast and there are some very dynamic and really great hotels around now. There are more on the way too. Here are 5 of the best that I saw on my recent (very busy) fact finding mission!
    In no particular order, these 5 deserve a mention!

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    Trip Advisor

    September 11, 2009

    Our main concern is for smaller places and in particular smaller places that are trying to be different. The point the CEO of Trip Advisor made in the programme was that problems can rectified and then the weight of positive reviews outweigh the negative.

  • The Victoria Hotel takes these influences and cleverly combines them into its design. The elegant reception has an open, colonial feel and all the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming on arrival.

  • As we drove down the landscaped driveway we were filled with excitement about the experience to come. Check in was a stress free task as we were treated to a very refreshing ginger infused ice cold drink in the bar, whilst the paper work was being completed. We met a number of friendly members of staff who gave us an informative introduction to the hotel. We were then taken to our lodgings on a buggy and as we passed through the grounds we noticed the lush and calm surroundings.