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Best places to travel for some winter sun

When the British winter has you wondering if the sun actually ever existed and you haven’t seen your own skin in weeks, you know it’s time to jet off in search of winter sun.You need somewhere exotic, somewhere sunny and warm, somewhere with beautiful flora, palm tree-lined beaches, smiling people and delicious food. Here are our best places to travel across this season:


What’s it like to stay in a Maldives guesthouse?

Guesthouses in The Maldives are the latest accommodation style to arrive in the country and they allow visitors to stay on local islands, gaining insight into Dhivehi culture. There are a large variety of them on offer, from basic rooms in simple houses, to grander hotel-like constructions, each providing very different experiences. They’re not homestays as such, but usually run by locals who’ll provide home cooked food and various insights into the heritage of this thousand-isle country.

Mohamed Nasheed urges more political awareness in the Maldives

Having arrived in the Maldives after a very long flight I was unenthused by the prospect of another flight to be transferred to my resort. I could not have been more wrong, however, as it turned out to be the most exciting and scenic taxis rides of my life! The seaplanes in the Maldives are not just a mode of transport, but are an experience in themselves.