Sam Clark

  • Co-founder and Director Sams explains in a little more detail why we should win this year’s British Travel Awards for our nominated categories. From our investment in travel experts, guides and importantly experiences, we believe we are a strong contenders to win! We hope you’ll agree and vote for us.

  • Sam gives his insider tips on travelling in India. From turban tying, to kite flying to staying in castles, here he tells us more about his favourite experiences.

  • Great news for us and all fans of Thailand holidays – Emirates flying directly into Phuket has just made options into Phuket a whole lot wider. No funny stuff with stop offs in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok – this is a straightforward direct flight.

  • The dates are in and the England Cricket Team are playing Test Matches against Sri Lanka in Galle between 26th and 30th March and in Colombo 2nd and 6th April.

    We can pretty much guarantee now that there will not be a room free within an hour of Galle during those dates. There are just not enough rooms to accommodate all the people who will want to watch cricket in one of the world’s most exotic Test match venues. It’s going to be good – but please get in touch with us NOW if you want to get one of our tours booked.

  • Vietnam is a funny place for hotels. There is nothing like the variety of Thailand or even Cambodia and the vestiges of state ownership still affect the feel and design of many hotels. A sort of undynamic fustiness still pervades some of Vietnam’s more venerable institutions!
    Like everything in Vietnam though, the quality of hotels is changing fast and there are some very dynamic and really great hotels around now. There are more on the way too. Here are 5 of the best that I saw on my recent (very busy) fact finding mission!
    In no particular order, these 5 deserve a mention!

  • We constantly get asked to reccommend our favourite restaurants to clients and this worries us as it seems to change so quickly. What suits Peter, seems to annoy Paul, in much more pronounced a way than hotels or more general hotel experiences.

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    Trip Advisor

    September 11, 2009

    Our main concern is for smaller places and in particular smaller places that are trying to be different. The point the CEO of Trip Advisor made in the programme was that problems can rectified and then the weight of positive reviews outweigh the negative.

  • Exciting news that on January 15th 2010 you will be able to experience a solar eclipse from Galle in southern Sri Lanka. Apparently it will be an annular eclipse, so the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the Sun will appear as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the outline of the Moon.

  • Rick Stein did us a massive favour by doing a programme that focused, almost exclusively, on the area that we specialise in. Apart from Laos, all our bases were covered – Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and of course, Thailand. A big ‘thank you’ to Rick then, as we saw a definite increase in inquiries from the sort of people keen to do something a little different and sample the true flavours of the region – something which we can deliver!

  • Sitting in our office in Wandsworth putting together tours for people in Vietnam is a decent way to make a living. My thoughts do wander sometimes though, to the places I am working on, and where i would like to go next.

  • I’m in on way to New Zealand via Singapore and I have a 24 hour stopover. Keen to remind myself od the flavours I remember, I asked a friend who was brought up in Singapore and returns often to tell me what to eat given 24 hours in Singapore.

  • A few years ago I was asked by a certain well known ‘responsible’ travel company to provide suggestions for ‘responsible’ product in the Maldives that we could market through their site. It was totally impossible.

  • For years intrepid backpackers (our co-founder Tom Armstrong among them) have raved about the quality of Beer Lao, the locally brewed beer served throughout Loas but rarely found elsewhere.

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    Cat Ba Island

    May 28, 2009

    Great post from harry and Ben in Vietnam there – tales of random street food…