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Soft adventure

Soft adventure can mean all manner of things. To some travellers, it might mean simply being out in nature on a long walk or cycle. To others, it might mean staying in a jungle hotel or a remote mountain lodge. Our blog tries to encapsulate every meaning so that you have a full picture of holiday options in Asia.

What makes something a ‘soft’, rather than a full-blown, adventure? We consider it to be any activity that stimulates the senses and makes travellers feel alive, without, perhaps, such an adrenaline-inducing edge! It might be taking a sea canoe, as opposed to white-water rafting. A long day hike, not a multi-day camping expedition, or a short zip-line rather than bungee jumping off a bridge! However you choose to define it, our experts would be delighted to help you find soft adventure experiences that tick all your boxes and enhance your holiday.