Asia vs South America

A divisive issue among travel enthusiasts, the question ‘South America or Asia?’ often arises when considering where to go for a trip with a difference. The passionate music of South America, its beautiful landscapes and Latin culture are a strong lure, but the mouth-watering food, stunning ancient architecture and tropical beaches makes Asia a strong opponent. Here, we weigh up the pros and cons for each destination, concluding Asia is certainly our favourite place to travel (though you might disagree – ho, ho, ho!)

Cart taxi, Mandalay

Impressions of Burma

The thing is, Burma is just such a complicated place: historically, culturally, politically, and there’s just too much to say about it. It’s impossible to talk about Burma in simple terms. With a history spanning more than 13,000 years and a population made up of a huge variety of different ethnic groups, it is an endlessly fascinating, complex and beautiful country.