• Tipping in Vietnam is very much a western import. In certain places however, it’s becoming an important supplementary form of income. You might find a difference between the North and South of the country: Saigon’s exposure to US culture has made tipping more of a thing although, to be honest, exposure to the tourist industry has meant the practice is now countrywide. Although tips are not expected, they are very much appreciated but it can sometimes be challenging working out how much to tip and when it’s appropriate to do so. Here we provide an insider’s guide:

  • Many people planning a trip to Asia find the budgeting process tricky. There’s a big misconception that everything is priced low when really it’s just very good value compared to a European holiday equivalent, but not necessarily ‘cheap.’ Here, we share our top suggestions on planning a luxury family holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Philly and family recently travelled to Indochina for a very special Christmas holiday. Celebrating in Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An and Siem Reap, their trip included some incredible moments thanks to the expertise and connections of Experience Travel Group. Here’s her top 5 list of things to do that you could enjoy on your next family voyage.

  • Our in-country partner Kelly uprooted from her native Yorkshire to develop and deliver our Vietnam experiences with travel loving locals. Here she shares her story and insider insights into life in this intriguing destination.

  • More and more travellers want to get under the surface of a destination but keep a sense of independence and freedom whilst exploring. To combine the best of both worlds, we strongly suggest getting a private guide. Here’s three reasons why:

  • When the British winter has you wondering if the sun actually ever existed and you haven’t seen your own skin in weeks, you know it’s time to jet off in search of winter sun.You need somewhere exotic, somewhere sunny and warm, somewhere with beautiful flora, palm tree-lined beaches, smiling people and delicious food. Here are our best places to travel across this season:

  • We asked one of our guides from Vietnam to talk a little bit about his life and motivations. Here, Ut explains his background, best memories with our travellers and interests.

  • Along with much of the country, Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, has become a booming destination to travel to. But where do you go in a city with so much to offer? Well, trying some of the more unexpected delights Hanoi boasts is a sure way of coming home with some lasting memories. We’ve gathered five of the best.

  • In 2015, Dinah Jefferies approached Experience Travel Group to organise her research trip for her next novel. Set in 1950s French Indochina, travel expert Nick tailor-made her an itinerary through Vietnam exploring the best silk workshops and colonial architecture to help her get a better understanding for the context of her story. Here Dinah provides a review of her trip, from exploring the capital Hanoi to exploring sleepy rural corners of the country.

  • From intriguing overnight cruises down the Mekong, to boutique colonial hotels brimful with history and character, Vietnam boasts some fantastic places to stay whilst visiting the country.

  • Vietnam is famous for it’s top-notch tailors who can copy your classic outfits, sometimes in a matter of days, for a fraction of the cost. Here, we’re compiling our best advice when it comes to getting items made. Where to go and how to go about it:

  • Travel specialist Cat recently went on a research trip to Vietnam. From sampling mouthwatering dishes, to visiting the country’s stunning countryside here’s a roundup of her best experiences.

  • Vietnam is a beguiling country with delicious food, stunning natural landscapes and intriguing culture. It can still seem like an unknown quantity which is why we wanted to share our expert knowledge about staying safe whilst travelling.

  • Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos – collectively known as Indochina – offer history, culture and nature in abundance along with mysterious sights like the Angkor temples, colonial towns such as Hoi An and spiritual cities like Luang Prabang. 2016 brings some fantastic excuses to start planning your holiday to this beguiling region of the world. Here we feature the highlights.

  • Off on her own holiday to Vietnam, Travel Specialst Lauren had an indulgent experience at one of the country’s most exclusive resorts: the Nam Hai. From idyllic infinity pools, to delicious food, to beautiful beach views, here’s her review.

  • Lauren (one of our travel specialists) enjoyed our ETG signature experience: a tour of Saigon by vespa on her own holiday to Vietnam. Exciting, insightful and a lot of fun, she shares her experience here.