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Why travel with Experience Travel Group

Why should you travel with Experience Travel Group?  A very pertinent question you should ask yourself before booking a trip to Asia (and with any tour operator anywhere in the world for that matter!).

This section covers snippets that we hope to showcase why you should book a trip to Asia with Experience Travel Group.   You can also read independent reviews on the Association for Independent Tour Operators website to see what travellers have thought of their holidays with us.

We pride ourselves on our intimate destination knowledge and how we can use that for your benefit.  A lot of importance is put on the consultation process (beyond just the destination you’re interested in visiting) to really dig deep into what motivates you to travel and what your like’s and dislike’s when travelling.  We also try and push your boundaries, at least a little anyway.  We’ve had such amazing results and memories when doing so in the past.  Don’t be alarmed though, everything will be factored in to ensure a balanced, personalised trip.