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September is Sri Lanka’s best travel secret

by Nick Clark

Boasting good weather and fantastic rates, destination expert Nick explains why holidays to Sri Lanka in September are the islands best travel secret. 

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Does visiting Sri Lanka in September appeal to you?

Historically, September was the month of the year where it would rain very heavily throughout Sri Lanka and so everyone avoided travelling in the country then. As time has gone by, the monsoon has arrived later and later in the year, so that now it tends to arrive in November.

This makes September a brilliant time to visit, boasting:

  1. Good weather. Should there be rain it usually consists of short sharp showers.
  2. Off season prices reflecting the old low season period.
  3. Central, northern and eastern areas are not affected by the first monsoon so the weather there is ideal. This includes the cultural triangle, east coast, eastern hill country and lots of the wildlife parks. You can essentially do and see most of what Sri Lanka is famous for and the weather should be great.

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Infographic of the weather systems in Sri Lanka

Do you understand the different weather systems in Sri Lanka?

Ultimately, September should be considered as part of the ‘inter-monsoon’ period, between the south west monsoon of May – June and the north east monsoon of October – mid December. Having organised many holidays across this month, what I’ve found is that during September there may be some grey clouds in the afternoon but not much more than that. Combined with fantastic rates in-country, it makes for a brilliant time to visit for those that can travel.

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