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Water Well Project, The Shinta Mani Foundation

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One of Experience Travel’s favourite hotels in Siem Reap, Shinta Mani, is leading a push to complete 1,500 wells for local communities as soon as possible. The Shinta Mani Foundation, a non-profit organisation, seeks to empower people through education, business and health care. With more than 50% of the Cambodian population without access to safe drinking water, this initiative is of great importance to local well-being, particularly of more vulnerable infants and children.

Shinta Mani Well1

A local community that has benefited from a Shinta Mani Foundation water well.

The Shinta Mani Hotel donates a portion of its profits to supporting the Water Well Project and by supporting the hotel, guests are contributing to the future of local communities. It costs $175 to build a well and with the 1136th built, the Shinta Mani Foundation has already achieved so much (although there is still much more to do!) For more information about the hotel, click here.

Shinta Mani Well2

Just look at those happy faces!

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