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Best Ways To Explore Your Family Tree

by Guest Post & Amelia Curran

Learning about our ancestors can help us to get to the bottom of our identity; what has our family done, where have they lived and how does that influence ourselves and our relatives today? Exploring your family tree can be a fascinating and exciting trip through history, but with such a wealth of information out there on the Internet – and so many different resources to take it from – where do you start?

1. Ask your family

The first step in setting up your family tree should be to simply ask your family members. Ask your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or family friends for as much information as they can give you. What were their names, what did they do for a living, where did they live or travel to?

This should provide you with a good start, as well as plenty of clues and information for you to go off and dig deeper.

2. Get organised

It’s vital that you have some way to organise the information you gain from your research, as this will help to inform your research going forward.

There are plenty of free family tree builders available online, as well as built in to paid-for genealogy websites, or you could just as easily catalogue everything on paper.

The key is to record every piece of information you can, as you never know what might lead to another breakthrough!


3. Go on a family research holiday

If you’re really passionate about discovering more information about your family tree then why not incorporate it into your holiday?

The British Empire led many people throughout our country’s history to travel all over the world, particularly to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia. As such, these beautiful countries could hold a great deal of information about your family if they travelled there to work or live at any point in their lives.

Here at Experience Travel Group we arrange trips across many regions that were once part of the British Empire. If members of your family ever worked or lived in any of these areas, you might be able to uncover vital information as you build your ancestry.

The British Empire also stretched to Australia and New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the Pacific Islands, any of which could hold clues as to your family tree.

To find out more about travelling to Asia with Experience Travel Group, why not give us a call on 020 3627 9529, alternatively send us an online enquiry.

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