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What kind of traveller are you?

by Amelia Curran

The best way to make travel decisions is to know what you like. That’s why we’ve devised this short questionnaire to help give you a better understanding of what you need and want from a holiday. Note down the answers to each question – either a), b), c) and then total up your scores to find out what kind of traveller you are.

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1. How do you like to travel?

a) Alone
b) With a close friend/ partner
c) In a group

2. Where, in general, do you like to travel?

a) Somewhere truly off-the-beaten-track
b) A destination that’s welcomed travellers before but is still quite exotic
c) A place where visitors are a usual sight

3. When travelling you look forward to?

a) Experiencing something totally different to what I’m used to
b) Comfortable surroundings with an intriguing twist
c) Pure rest and relaxation

4. How do you pack?

a) Essentials with things to give away along the itinerary
b) Enough to cover for all situations
c) Some classy numbers, swimming costume and things for a fun excursion

5. What’s your favourite kind of transport?

a) Local train because I love seeing everyday life in another country
b) A private chauffeur guide so I can see another country whilst having some creature comforts
c) A tour couch so I feel comfortable in a group whilst seeing the sights

6. What’s an absolute must in your hand luggage?

a) First aid kit
b) Guidebook with information on the history and culture
c) Swimming costume in case they lose my main luggage

7. What do you usually take photos of on holiday?

a) The people from the country
b) Stunning natural landscapes
c) Friends and family

Total your scores:

For each question, if you scored a), give yourself 5 points. If you got b), give yourself 3 points, if you scored c), you get 1 point.


0-10 = Creature comfort traveller
You value the familiar surrounded by supportive friends and family. Things should run smoothly, without anything too unexpected and stick to the plans you’ve made. You love a change of scene and some idyllic surroundings. Holiday should be a time that you can truly relax.
Why not have a look at some of this example holiday itinerary? It might suit you very well and provide inspiration for your next trip.

10-25 = Curious wanderer
You love to get off-the-beaten-path but return to a soft bed. Meeting people from totally different backgrounds through engaging experiences is something you really value. You also love to stay in well-appointed accommodation with a bit of character and history. A holiday is time to expand your horizons and enjoy some downtime.

25 and over = Intrepid explorer
You’re a true adventurer who doesn’t mind sacrificing comfort for an experience of a lifetime. You’re active, interested in the unknown and seek out activities that will give you stories to tell for years to come. Of course, you don’t mind a bit of luxury but it has to be balanced with getting under the surface of the destination at hand.

Do remember, you may change over time and be one of the three rough categories of traveller we’ve described. In fact, you might want to be all of them in one trip, so do take your results with a pinch of salt.

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