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Is it worth hiring a guide in Cambodia?

by Guest Post & Amelia Curran

For most, opportunities to travel to Southeast Asia don’t come every month and so it’s important you make the most of your time in the region. As part of maximising your experience, we’d certainly recommend hiring a guide in Cambodia. Here are two key reasons why:


Travellers John and Lesley with their guide Experience Travel Group guide, Mr Gear

1. You’ll have a more insightful experience

Employing a guide means you’ll have a wealth of local knowledge at the tips of your fingers.  Ancient temples will be brought to life with relevant histories and customs explained. They’ll also be able to take you around ‘the sights’ avoiding the crowds as much as possible, so the pace of your visit is well timed and interesting.

Our guides have also been trained to be as flexible as possible. If you feel like having some more pool time on a given day, just let them know and they can re-jig your itinerary. You’ll be totally in control of your holiday and your guides will facilitate this.

Cambodia Travel Guide

2. You’ll have lots of practical support

In need of a good restaurant recommendation? Want to withdraw some more dollars? Our guides will always be at hand to help. They know the area very well and will be able to provide support and suggestions where required.

Kongkea with some of our travellers

Kongkea with some of our travellers

Have a read about what our travellers though of their guides: 

‘I would like to nominate Channak for an award because we felt he gave an outstanding level of service, showing us things that weren’t on the itinerary which we would never have found by ourselves and going out of his way to do so. His general sociability and ability to talk to local people, including reserved tribal people, meant that we had a much greater insight into the community than we expected.’ – Susan

‘KongKea in Siem Reap was fun and fabulous at relating the ancient legends with terrific humour. He always made me laugh. He took us to Angkor at dawn and then guided us around and it really did feel like we were the only people there. We sort of went in by a side door which I thought was pretty clever. He also guided us across the roads on bicycles in Siem Reap rush hour without a hitch.’ – Alison

For more information about guides in Cambodia, do call 020 3432 1691 or email us with your questions here. To see an example of the kind of trip you could have with a guide, do take a look at our example holiday itineraries. They’re just a starting point, all our holidays are tailor-made so we can tweak all elements to suit your exact interests. 

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