India for First Timers


For the first time visitor, the bustling crowds, the colour, the noise, the sheer and hectic vibrancy of an Indian city can be somewhat daunting. At ETG we strongly believe that you shouldn’t let that put you off exploring this wonderful country. We approached the design of our holidays and itineraries within India with your enjoyment and comfort front of mind. Time spent in more rural areas is usually the antidote and the ability and skill of the fantastic guides we use, in explaining and putting into context Indian life can make all the difference. The key to enjoying India is to try not to fit too much in, allow time for spontaneous moments, relaxation and to simply absorb the sights, smells and colours. We always endeavour to plan itineraries that take this into consideration.

We understand that our guests want to see the main sites – there is a reason that they are famous after all. However, there is a balance to be struck between that and spending time further afield. Some of the lesser knowns sites are just as striking and they are fascinating places which feel timeless and peaceful. We’ll give you advice and together we can find the balance that suits you. Sometimes a busy day needs to be offset by a lovely hotel to return to in the evening – and there are plenty of them.


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