Why Travel to India with your family?

A common response to the suggestion of India as a destination for a fun family holiday is: are you mad? At ETG we’re on a mission to change this perception. OK, we wouldn’t suggest it for babies or toddlers, but families with slightly older children or teenagers will have an amazing experience.

 Here are 7 reasons why we think India is a fantastic family holiday destination:

  1. You’ll never forget it. And we mean never! From exploring majestic forts in Rajasthan, to trekking the mighty Himalayas in Uttarakhand, from marvelling at the Taj Mahal to dozing in hammocks in sleepy northern Kerala. These are memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. It works well in the school holidays. Most of India enjoys excellent weather during December but this is particularly true for lovely laid back Kerala and the south, or Rajasthan in the north which is hot by day and pleasantly cool at night.  It's also worth considering Rajasthan in late August when the monsoon is winding down. Uttarakhand is a lesser-known gem in the Easter holidays and we can find you somewhere ideal for October half term too!
  3. Unlike some other holiday destinations, India offers endless immersive, interactive family activities such as kite flying, cycling, block printing, exploring villages by jeep, elephant painting at a private reserve, tiger spotting....we could go on and on!
  4. Where else can you stay in real life palaces and forts with Maharajas and lords of the land? 
  5. In rural India you'll get to learn about a range of totally different lifestyles and explore a unique and timeless landscape. Escape the towns and get out into the villages where people are keen to show you their way of life.  Whenever you have children in tow you're sure to be invited in, warmly welcomed and enjoy a far more natural and interactive experience than you might otherwise have.
  6. Open your whole family's eyes to a rich and varied culture very different from your own – but with a huge influence on it. From the extraordinary architecture of Mughal India to the pinnacles reached by Indian artistic achievement, this country has contributed incalculable amounts to civilisation as we know it. Withnessing this firsthand is sure to give you all a whole new perspective.
  7. Compared to the rest of Asia, India is relatively affordable and quick to get to (the flight is only 8 hours). It is also very easy to travel around if you have a chauffeur – with your own vehicle your luggage is easily contained and the children can make themselves comfortable and get to know and love your driver.

To decide if India is a destination for your family why not take advantage of a free consultation with our expert India family travel consultant?

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