Visas for Indochina

Even if you are visiting all three countries (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) at the time of writing, if you have a British passport, travelling around is fairly hassle-free in terms of border control.

Until recently, getting in and out of Vietnam was a little bit of a palaver since you had to obtain a visa in advance of travel. However at the time of writing visas are no longer required for British passport travellers visiting for 15 days or less. This makes multi-country travel involving Vietnam considerably easier than it once was; all you need is your passport and a copy of your onward travel ticket.

For travel into Laos and Cambodia you’ll need to stump up $30 (US) on arrival ,with a passport-sized photo; the process is generally pretty swift but a fast-track process can sometimes be arranged in advance.  

Rules and regulations inevitably change from time-to-time but when you book a holiday with us there is no need to worry as we will always run through the current requirements to ensure your Indochina holiday is seamless and stress-free.

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