About Us

Experience Travel Group is a travel collective; bringing together some of the most knowledgeable and eager Asia enthusiasts to help you create an incredible holiday. We've hand-picked our team of travel consultants to provide personal, confident and thorough advice when putting travel plans together. Fantastic support comes from our other ETG departments to make sure your experience, from beginning to end, is as seamless as it can be. Do read on about our team and feel free to get in touch. We love to talk travel.

Our Consultants

The experience creators

All our consultants have either lived in, or extensively visited, our specialist areas and know them inside out. This means you benefit from insider knowledge, exclusive experiences and special discounts.

Whether your interest is in Asian street food, exotic wildlife, architectural gems or gorgeous boutique hotels, our team will ensure your holiday strikes the perfect balance for you. We don't simply organise things, we craft your experience to make the most of the countries you intend to visit, combining luxury, culture and a splash of adventure for a truly memorable holiday.

We believe passionately in making your experience an extraordinary one.

Don't take our word for it: read about our mentions in the press here.

Management Team

Management Team

The founders who wanted to make a difference

Over a decade ago, Sam and Tom co-founded Experience Travel Group (more about that below) and along the way gathered Melissa to create a formidable company focused on helping people discover and enjoy Asia. 

We pioneered experiences such as street food tours, city walks by local historians, art and community-led tours in remote regions, allowing our guests to truly immerse themselves in the local culture and feel its heart-beat. We continue to offer authentic experiences by constantly researching and developing and talking to those who live in this special part of the world. 

Naturally, over the years we’ve grown older, (somewhat) wiser and had families so ETG has happily evolved to ensure child-friendly experiences and accommodations with an unerring focus on safety. 

Our Story

The idea for the Experience Travel Group began to form back in 2004. Co-founders, Sam Clark and Tom Armstrong were both working within the travel industry at the time, Sam for a regular travel company and Tom was a travel guide...  Read more.

Behind the scenes


Behind the Scenes

We pride ourselves on taking the time and effort to create involved experiences for our guests. It's not all fun and games, swapping travel tales with our clients and visiting the destinations (although we do that too). The process is quite complex, but beautifully handled by our tireless behind-the-scenes staff both here and abroad. We can't list everyone involved, but they play a key part in making your holiday the best it possibly could be.  

To make your experiences wondrous and seamless, we work with a large number of rigorously vetted and carefully selected local partners who reflect the ETG ethos. This ensures a lovely consistency across all of our very different countries. We all share a common goal: putting your experience and enjoyment at the heart of what we do.