Cameron Highlands

A beautiful and tranquil region just northeast of the Pahong mountains, the Cameron Highlands are acclaimed for rolling green hills covered with plantations and a variety of colourful vegetation. Here at 1,500 metres above sea level, you can see the English colonial influence as you pass through charming villages and feast on tea and scones. With pleasant weather all year round, the highlands with their cool breezes and spectacular views are a refreshing break from the sweltering heat of the jungles.

A stroll in the countryside will lead you past stunning white waterfalls and through charming strawberry, honey bee, and butterfly farms. The skies are a brilliant blue and the verdant green of the hillsides is vibrant. Trekking, agro-tourism, and tea-based activities are all fun ways to while away the days.

The Highlands are accessible by car from both sides of the coast, so if you’re passing through as part of a bigger Malaysia adventure, get in touch with ETG here. We’ve explored the Highlands, tasted the tea, and tried the hotels. We would be happy to share our expert knowledge of this beautiful region with you.


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