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As acknowledged specialists for the region we cover, we are often approached by journalists to organise press trips. We like to think we have a bit of a  reputation for hunting down new and interesting experiences, hotels and ideas and that this is reflected in the press we have received. 


Travel journalist and photographer, Mark Stratton, composed one of the main feature for April 2016's Wanderlust MagazineThe Final Journey.

Exploring the funeral rituals of the Toraja people of Sulawesi, he learned about the local concept of life and death – which is completely different to that in the West, where one is not considered past on until rituals have been conducted.  Experience Travel Group made all his ground arrangements for the visit.


Experience Travel Group has been featured in a New York Times piece by renowned travel writer Joshua Hammer.

In Sri Lanka, Barriers Fall in a Land Marred by Bloodshed explores travelling in the northern region of the country, a place once plagued by civil conflict. In recent years, tourism has been returning to this now peaceful area, providing a ray of hope for locals with new business opportunities and ways of making a living. 


Acclaimed Indian writer, Samanth Subramanian returned to Sri Lanka, where he had spent several years whilst researching a book called The Divided Island, travelling ETG. The result was a beautiful article published in Travel + Leisure Magazine. Worth noting the gorgeous photography from Frederic Lagrange. He found much had changed in his journey through the north and east of Sri Lanka. 

National Geographic Traveller

When renowned foodie and travel writer Audrey Gillan contacted us to do a feature for the National Geographic Traveller, we knew we had to be on top of our game. Fortunately, we're greedy and know more than is good for us about how to track down tasty local specialities in Hoi An and throughout Vietnam. This article appeared in May 2015. 


Harrods Magazine

Jan Masters, editor of Harrods Magazine, travelled with us to Vietnam over Christmas 2014 and wrote a great piece which you can read here


Experience Travel Group in The Independent

Our favourite travel writer Andrew Eames, visited Sri Lanka with us in January 2015 and wrote a great article about Kandy and the colonial influence. He had sampled our fantastic (and exclusive) colonial Kandy experience in our vintage car! It was a fitting time as the 200 year anniversary of the British taking Kandy happens to be 2015. As Andrew notes, not an auspicious occasion in Sri Lanka, or the UK for that matter. Interesting article and our Local Experience Manager, Thushni, was chuffed to have given info that made it into the article. Read it here

Experience Travel group in the Metro

We loved this one in January 2015! Lisa Scott, Travel Editor of the Metro Newspaper enlivened everyones morning with a really fun article about Sex Mountain in Java. It's not yet online - but watch out for it. 

Experience Travel Group in How To Spend It

Sophy Roberts, writing her 'Travelista' column in the Financial Times, How To Spend It' Magazine, wrote this piece about The Mudhouse and Cape Weligama - two contrasting but favourite Experience Travel Group places in Sri Lanka. We were quite proud to be associated with the doyenne of experiential travel!  


Experience Travel Group in the Telegraph

When the Telegraph wrote an article about travel restrictions being put in place for Jaffna in October 2014, they asked our MD, Sam Clark for his comments. You can read it here (though the restrictions have now been, happily, lifted. 

Favourite Specialist Tour Operator

We were delighted to be shortlisted and then runner up in the Telegraph Travel Awards 2013 category for Favourite Specialist Tour Operator. The Telegraph awards are considered the most prestigious in the British travel sector - and over 76,000 people voted this year. The Telegraph writer said that we "offer the sort of polished, tailor-made service that Daily Telegraph readers value". 

We'll take that, but next year we'd love to win! Thank you all for voting for us.


Financial Times

Travel writer John Gimlette turned to Experience Travel Group to create his itinerary in northern Sri Lanka in August 2013. The opening up of northern Sri Lanka was a big theme in travel in 2013 and alongside our extensive guide training programme in the north, we were really pleased to show travel writers what a fantastic and unique region the north of Sri Lanka is.  John also wrote about Colombo after a couple of days with our walking guides exploring the nooks and crannies that makes Colombo special. Read his article here.


Daily Telegraph

In March 2013, Sam and Tom, the Co-Founders of Experience Travel Group accompanied the travel writer Andrew Eames to north and east Sri Lanka: Jaffna, Trincomalee and Passekudah. Aside from having a great trip, Andrew produced an excellent article and went on to write a booklet exclusively for Experience Travel Group clients. Read the article here but please note that the booklet is available only to our existing clients! 


Conde Nast

We were pretty chuffed to be voted the 9th Best Travel Website by readers of Conde Nast in 2012. We're in some pretty stellar company! Have a read on our blog here.  


Anne Robinson In Sri Lanka with her daughter Emma Wilson

Anne Robinson visited Sri Lanka with her daughter, Emma Wilson (also a TV presenter). We had a lot of fun putting the trip together for them and I think they had a great time - despite Anne's amusingly grumpy article! It should be pointed out though that there are actually less mosquitoes in places like The Mudhouse than there are in coastal resorts. Mosquitoes thrive off stagnant water - a feature of built up areas!

No idea what we are talking about? Have a read of the article here!  


Wanderlust Magazine

Nick Boulos travelled with us to little known Mannar and the Jaffna Peninsula in northern Sri Lanka. He wrote a fascinating and very in depth article which appeared in the magazine in 2013. You can read the online version here


The Guardian UK

When the Guardian asked us to suggest a trip based around sustainable tourism initiatives in Thailand with real credibility we had no hesitation at all in suggesting a version of this fantastic holiday. The Guardian's Liz Boulter visited and wrote an excellent article entitled 'Jolly Lodges' which you can read here


Financial Times

Carole Cadwalladr travelled with us to Sri Lanka in January 2012 and wrote an excellent article printed in the Financial Times. You can read it here. She had the following to say about us:

"From the moment I thought of going to Sri Lanka, Experience Travel were the obvious choice. They know the country better than anyone and all their suggestions were spot on. It was a really well-thought-out itinerary with some great, undiscovered places to stay and a friendly, knowledgeable driver. I'd happily recommend them to anyone."


Daily Telegraph

When Fred Mawer needed to know how to get tropical luxury for less in Thailand Vietnam - we suggested a few cunning ideas. Have a read here.


Wanderlust - 50 Best New Trips for 2012

We were very pleased when Wanderlust Magazine nominated our 'Sri Lanka's North and East' tour as one of its '50 Best Tours for 2012'. This tour was researched and developed by one of our specialist tour leaders in Sri Lanka and is exclusive to Experience Travel. 


The Guardian UK

Kevin Rushby is one of the UK's leading travel writers and he wrote a super piece based on a trip he took with us to Mannar, Trincomalee and the central northern region of Sri Lanka in 2011. Read it in full here.

Geographic Magazine

When Geographical Magazine suggested Jini Ready discovered a part of Sri Lanka that few other tourists had been too - we suggested this wanderful adventure into the Knuckles Mountains and Abode. Read here.  


Daily Telegraph

When Dea Birkett wanted to visit Sri Lanka with her family at Christmas time, Experience Travel Group  found her an amazing deal with us on Christmas Day itself. Dea is another extremely well known travel writer and we hugely enjoyed her input. You can read it here


The Guardian UK

One of most successful press trips was when we arranged for Gemma Bowes to visit Koh Yao Noi - a small island near Phuket and Laura Barton to visit Koh Kood. These excellent writers discovered a quieter, unspoilt side of Thailand which you can read about here.


Daily Mail

It was Dea Birkett again travelling back to Sri Lanka to relive her days as a circus girl riding an elephant. This time she was writing for the Daily Mail and you can read about it here


The Guardian UK

Ben Tarring wrote an excellent article about his family's experiences on holiday in Sri Lanka - staying with an extra-ordinary family in the Knuckles Mountain Region of Sri Lanka - an area inaccessible by road, despite being close, as the crow flies, to Sri Lanka's second city, Kandy. Read the article here and about the homestay here.


Daily Telegraph

We made a choice selection of luxury boutique hotels on the south coast of Sri Lanka for the Telegraph's Catalina Stogdon back in 2008.


The Observer

Gemma Bowes visited Sri Lanka with us in 2007 and did one of our trade mark 'off the beaten track tours'. Read here


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