About The Maldives

Fish and coconuts apart, the 1190 islands that make up the Maldivian archipelago traditionally imported almost everything they needed. Technological advances and natural resources have enabled the laid-back islanders to begin to export the ultimate in barefoot, island luxury.

99% of the Maldives is underwater, and what land there is, remains largely untouched. Most islands remain uninhabited – indeed only around 290 are home to anything more than storks and lizards. What this means, for the intrepid tourist, is miles of unsullied white sand; expanses of impossible azure seas stretching uninterrupted to the horizon; and an abundance of mind-blowing dive sites. For those who like their Robinson Crusoe island fantasies tempered by matching luxurious comforts, the Maldives is undoubtedly the place to indulge them.

Choosing a resort can be a challenge. There is a bewildering array, each on a different island and each with their defining characteristics. In general, the Maldives is not a cheap destination: almost all food and drink has to be imported. In addition, waste disposal and water management is far more complex for these tiny islands than it is for other mainland resorts in Asia. Environmental concerns are taken very seriously here. The resorts strive to offer great value for money for their guests and all offer something different. Choosing the right island for your stay is important.

At Experience Sri Lanka, we aim to help you make the best choice. Our team know the islands, their individual qualities and the facilities offered, from personal experience and from closely monitoring feedback from our guests.

What we don't know, we will be able to find out very quickly. If you already know what hotel you want, then let us know and we’ll let you have an excellent quote backed up by the assurance of superb, personalised, customer care and service. The best of it is: you won’t pay any extra for this incredible level of service.

Hotels in The Maldives

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